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July 19, 2010

Don’t Run in the House

As a boy in the days of black & white, my best friends were identical twins. Most kids got them mixed up but I could tell the difference. Matching clothes, hair cuts or not I knew Mike from Mark. At puberty and beyond many of us drifted apart but not this pair. To this day, decades later, they speak and see each other weekly where I have not seen them for a good decade now. I guess it’s no accident that some relationships have built in connection and staying,,43wt-p,00.html

So, it was not much surprise when my Quad-son Matthew, after recently sitting in the waiting area of our local “Doc in the Box “ for a long, long time (by five-year-old standards) sighed and said “ I miss Jonathan, Franchesca and Nathaniel, when can we go home to them?” No mention of Mom, neither older nor toddler sisters and not much comfort from my presence. The other three were missing and this, not his impending medical procedure, was his growing concern.

Now a scant hour before, Matthew was in the car with a compress to his head demanding justice. Jonathan had knocked him down. “When we get home Jonathan’s gotta get a spanking daddy!?!” was his refrain. Of course there was no mention of the multiple times their mother had just asked them to not run in the house, pleaded for them to slow down and sagely predicted dire result should her warning not be heeded.

You see, I had just come in the front door with our oldest; the self-described “band-geek” when Franchesca met me with news that Matthew was bleeding “all over his face.” of parenting with advanced Graduate work as a quad-father has left me with iron nerves. Though you might expect I’d have none left at all. Still this type of information gets rapid response, quick reaction and top priority but no panic.

While running in multiple orders, two or more, in this case four, when in the lead and you are the smallest do not make a sudden stop. Commuters know this. Camry’s and Kia’s do not lock em up in front of Suburban’s and Mack trucks. Matthew stopped, Jonathan did not. The resulting transfer of energy put Matthew on the floor soundly. blow must have been evenly distributed like a square shot from a boxer’s glove. There was no growing bump or bruise just a clean split, 3 quarters inch long, 3 eighths inch wide just above the right ear.

Mom had the situation in hand but there was more than a trace of, shall we say, blood spatter. There was no need to collect the abundant evidence. Three eye-witnesses and a confession seemed amble to find Jonathan guilty of bad breaks and greater body mass with no malice of forethought. Minor quad-sibling calamity number 72 thousand, eight hundred and eleven all resulting in the need for our first Quad-Stitches or actually,

At 8:15pm we finally rolled out of the “Doc in the Box”. Matthew was sporting two shiny new stainless steel staples which were administered “sans” numbing meds. Only the barest wince on his part did more to make me feel better than Matthew might ever know. I mean he took it better than I think I would have. This is the type of stuff that Dad’s see in their sons and just nod, knowing what degree of wimp or weenie they themselves have been in the

On the way home, fun meal in hand, justice was no longer a topic. Matthew could not wait to show his brothers and sisters his new little medals. He had triumphed and all was forgiven even if he had been the one to stomp the breaks with no warning. The next day at Kindergarten Matthew was a hero. Nathaniel, Franchesca and even Jonathan were falling over themselves to show off their brother with the shiny staples in his head to all who might find wonder.

Multi’s seem to just do better together. Even in the N.I.C.U. way back when, space was made so all the “Fab Four” could be close to each other. It seems multiples have a 20% greater outcome if they are with in three feet of each other or so I recall. In some ways I have to wonder if the rest of us are missing out on something. I mean in our Quad’s world even an accidental bloody boo-boo and stapling gives rise to closer ties and group excitement.,,lz_6r9n,00.html

Oh that we all had the power to be and stay this close. Even from just outside our little quad lateral the best part is still being a part and watching as the show unfolds. For me none of this is by accident. I purpose to hope and pray the same for you but remember stay off the sudden breaking and “don’t run in the house.”