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November 26, 2012

Disabled Parents Face Potential Loss of Their Twins

As a group these parents often find struggles beyond what would be expected.

November 14, 2012

Nick Cannon Changes the Nap Diapers

Mariah Carey lets Nick Cannon handle the after nap clean ups for their twins, Monroe and Moroccan. Bully for  Nick. Sew forward buddy because one day hey be changing your!

April 21, 2012

Preemie Twins: A Chicago Story We All Know

A look at Joseph and Jennifer Gleba handled the early arrival of twins Kaitlyn and Christian.

April 14, 2012

Who is a Parent? Surrogacy & Technology Making Lines Blur

Battles in courts including the US Supreme court are racing to answer the question!

April 12, 2012

Hilary Rosen Slams Stay Home Moms but Stayed Home With Her Twins

I guess Ms. Rosen now separated from her partner, did not figure at home parenting and finishing her Liberal Arts degree and fighting breast cancer and fighting multiple sclerosis gives Ann Romney the right to speak on much of importance? Hey I get the at home thing and I work hard at it everyday!!!!

April 10, 2012

One Twin Dies The Other Taken Away

Questions linger over a couple whose twins injuries have been ruled non-accidental.:(


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April 10, 2012

Welsh Parents of Twins Still Not Home

Melanie and  Ryan Wilson had to go to Liverpool to have their very premmie twins. They are hoping to come home soon.

April 5, 2012

Twins Caught in Path Of Texas Tornados

Parents could only text as terrible storms bore down on their daughters.,0,5203218.story?track=rss


March 29, 2012

6 Year Old Twins Allegedly Padlocked Away By Parents

Twins were found locked up covered in their own filth. Parents are under arrest, 😦

March 26, 2012

Celina Jaitly Joins The Ranks of Twin Moms

Celina Jaitly and her Husband Peter Haag are proud members of the multiples and parents of twins community. Hooray for Bollywood!!!