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November 26, 2012

Twins Serve as Police and Fireman

Dave and Doug Peltz are a public service duo!

May 15, 2009

>Sew and Reap

>Sew and Reap
Job 4:8-9
“As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it.
At the breath of God they are destroyed; at the blast of his anger they perish”.

Suddenly these insanely sad attacks were inside my head. I franticly called her phone but only got her message. She was transferring in D.C. What flight did they say hit the Pentagon? I called her partner’s phone only the prerecorded message came on. Emotions and the need for mental clarity were conflicting greatly in my mind.

Being a veteran from Virginia married to a girl from New York was not mixing well with the smoldering scenes of the twin Towers now tumbling down on themselves in south Manhattan as hundreds fled the smoldering five-sided command center of all the military that sits proudly in Arlington Va. Simply place my wife in the air lost to my communication and all this was too close to home and way too personal.

My mind reeled at the thought of thousands if not tens of thousands being crushed, burned and suffocated to death. Surely they did not take “P’s” plane. Perhaps she was just landing or stranded at the airport in D.C. No scenario was a comfort. I needed data, to know where she was.

In my Navy days I worked in the Combat Information Center. I operated a missile control system. All information flowed into that red and green lit black painted space. Radar and sonar data converged from all available ships, planes and subs. What was out there, how fast it was going, where it was heading, its threat assessment and engagement envelope was the mission. Data and decisions focus and adrenaline all combined to make C.I.C a solemn, daunting but highly exciting place to be. This beautiful almost fall day found me wishing I was back. Where you knew what was out there and it had to worry about you too.

I called the conference center they were going to and paged “P”, no response. I left messages, watched the news and wondered. Surely God would not put such a blow or burden on me? Then again what about all those that just died? Their wives, husbands, children, friends and family were as dear to Him as me and mine. Finally my phone rang, it was “P”. I was majorly relived. She was as shell shocked as I. “What was all this insanity about? Who could do this and what was our response likely to be?” It seems that “P’s” plane had trouble on the ground in Roanoke. Her partner and she decided to drive any way.

There at my desk wired into the world by phone, radio, fax and internet. I turned to an old and trusted method to give thanks for my family’s safety and comfort for those who bore the brunt of hatred and horror that day. Slowly it dawned on me, all the fear and anger that was rising up was exactly what these sad deceived soul had died to bring upon us this beautiful almost fall day. I left for home secure that what had been sewn in evil glee would be reaped in great regret.

Prayer and Ponderance

Proverbs 3:25-26

Mark 4:39-40

Romans 12:19-21

Romans 13:3-4

Psalm 146:9

How hard is it for you to remember Faith and God inside and outside of a crisis or perceived crisis?

In Romans 12 compels us to not indulge in personal vengeance, we are assured that acts of kindness will be heaping coals on our enemy’s heads.

How does this contrast with Romans 13 letting us know that Nations will be used to punish the wicked by God?

Wherever we stand on war and retribution we must never forget the widowed and orphaned because God says He won’t.

May 14, 2009

>Almost Fall: A Devotional from the QDDDD

>Almost Fall

Job 9:23-24
“When a scourge brings sudden death, he mocks the despair of the innocent.
When a land falls into the hands of the wicked, he blindfolds its judges.
If it is not he, then who is it?”

After what seemed a frantic first couple of months a welcome sense of normalcy returned to our family. School was back in session. Fall, my favorite season was just a few weeks away We had made plans; logistics were in place, change was accepted and expected. “P” was working from home I was working outside of it. “P” was scheduled to go to one more seminar with her partner. It was an adjuster’s conference and the high point of that years marketing effort. Her Doctor was ok with the trip as they flew instead of drove to Richmond. So off she went that morning at around 4:30 Am., just after I left for work.

I enjoyed my job. There was something about spending other people’s money that appealed to me. The early hours were not as bad as I had cleared my slate. It afforded me the chance to be home by 3:30pm. I knew I was going to have to leave but I just had a hard time admitting it to my boss Mike who had learned to depend on my ability to ferret out needed resources and stock up special parts.

“P’s” mom stayed over to get the girls off to school so I settled into my day counting and entering stock levels, placing requests for prices and generating P.O. numbers for purchase. In the world’s largest bread plant with ovens suitable for any style of loaf to be produced in the tens of thousands each shift finding a cool spot was hard. I was blessed. I was in the office in the air conditioning on my computer married to my phone. Plants across Canada and the United States e-mailed back and forth checking each others inventories for suddenly important parts. It was cozy and friendly and then the line supervisor burst into the office roaring about the radio. I had a radio on top my computer where I would indulge my right-wing propensities at lunch time. After all I had worked in A.M. radio years back and the Talk Radio resurrection of A.M. was close to my heart.

He shouted “Someone flew a plane into the world trade center! Turn on your radio!” The radio overflowed with rehashes of the news. I ran for the conference room where we had a cable TV hook up. I joined about six Department heads and corporate types standing there slack jawed. There on the screen was the smoldering tower. Not sixty seconds later the second plane slammed into the other tower.

Now I had been a in the Navy as a missile fire control tech. I had more than a passing interest in air defense. I knew where a bunch of the bases were and who NORAD was. I knew a snowball was rolling that would soon be a coast to coast sky wide crackdown. Then I remembered “P” was in the air this clear nearly fall day. Richmond Virginia via Washington D.C. Suddenly the screen shifted to the Pentagon.

Prayer and Ponderance

Find a minute or two to remember.

Ecclesiastes 9:11-12

Mark 4:37-38

1 Thessalonians 5:3

Psalm 48:4-6

Where were you that sad morning?

In the midst of sudden tragedy who gets the blame?

Was God on vacation that day?

Did a false assurance of military strength and a staunch stance of pacifism conflict and combine in the U.S. to help make 911 so unexpectedly shocking?

Has the world changed personally, politically or emotionally for you?

Can you express how?

What was birthed that day?

Do you have an assured view of eternity?

Would you like to have one?