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December 18, 2012

Noah & Ariel Ponzer, Twins Separated by Newtown Gunman’s Lunacy

Noah, aged 6, was buried yesterday. His Twin Ariel is left missing the brother to whom she was “inseparable”. God Bless her, her parents and all the families.:(

December 17, 2012

Vain and Futile Wishes for Newtown, Hard Words America

As a father, the shootings in Newtown have saddened me to the core. As an armed American, a veteran, a trained nuclear weapons security type I am only wishful that  the only armed person those children and teachers encountered last Friday had been those like myself that would have fought to save them and never thought to harm them let alone slaughter them in a fit of deranged evil. The reality is my wish is futile and vain and we in America have a problem. Here is a quote worth repeating….

“Sadly we have to attack this from three sides. First, reel in the destruction of the “De-institutionalization” of the mentally ill in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Secondly, monitor and restrict weapons in any domicile were mentally ill people not needing institutionalization are housed. Thirdly close the gun show loop holes.

It is obvious that on our streets are millions of very ill folk who are not monitored and are dangerous because their reality is not really real. It is true that these people, these very sick people are doing the mass killing but they are accessing guns to do it far to well. Advocates for the rights of the mentally ill must admit that care and containment for certain conditions is the highest right for the ill and the healthy alike. Advocates for unbridled gun sales must admit that registration and background checks for all sales is only prohibitive to those who can not pass the checks. Families and friends of the mentally ill must realize that their rights are limited by their decision to house an ill family member or friend.

For many these are hard words but harder still is the inhuman carnage being wrought by poorly monitored mentally ill people with access to guns. This does not mean we give up our right to bear and own arms it means we take responsibility for out rights, privileges and choices because sadly, too many amongst us are unable to.”

We here in America  must prioritize our rights and freedoms. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness does not cover the right of dangerous people to roam freely. I have several friend that are chaired and faculty, teaching Psychology, establishing curriculum and practicing. They tell me stories of folks in our small community. Folks who hear voices that no one else can hear, see things, people and animals no one else can see. Most live on their own, on the streets or with families. Their meds unmonitored, their motives unfathomable and their supervision nearly nonexistent!

We also have an industry that allows the personal sale of firearms from individual to individual to mask sales to felons, non citizens and the mentally ill. Rights are really responsibilities. Maintaining them is not done by attorneys at the ACLU, The Liberty Forum or any other agendaed group of theoretical barristers. These rights are upheld and maintained by their thoughtful usage and armed defense least they be squandered amongst the unable or undeserving or taken by the despotic and self serving.

Our current leadership, as weak, divided and pathetic as it is must grapple with this issue and be prepared to do the give and take needed to keep guns and the mentally ill in very separate, secure and competent hands. Their mixture is deadly, unnecessary and currently effects the rights of healthy, sane citizens to pursue the happiness of raising their precious children in safety and peace. It is neither vain nor futile to work to fix this. It will be hard for this generation of phoney leaders and pompous propagandists but it must be done and now not after the next elections or sad deaths like those needlessly seen in Newtown.