Holiday Wars & Overloads?

Christmas and New Years, the most emotionally over loaded week on most folk’s calendar, is upon us. Once again we find ourselves rushing about chasing our gift lists, refining our guest lists and wondering if Santa even knows about our own wee little wish lists. Offices party, family’s party, neighbor’s party and people we may not even know will party with some finding themselves in the raucous merry midst of it all.



Still others may just sit by an aging phone that seldom rings. Remembering the places and faces that filled the sweet celebrations of lighter louder days but now are only faint memories stirred by the season but nearly lost in its present heavy stillness.


In between the two extremes bounce a majority of we everyday people, rushing to the next festivity, reunion, performance or gathering. These are busy grown up people, unaware of the long gone youth of joyful wonders and jolly excitement still in the offings of a familiar old song. Surprised when they bursts out strongly as the Peanuts gather round Charlie Browns little tree, that just needed a little love or Rudolf soars off blazing victorious into the storm of the century.

The holidays mean many different things to many different people. Indeed we can find ourselves in a pickle just wishing the wrong person the wrong celebratory wishes for a holiday they might not even acknowledge or perhaps be opposed to.

What has happened to Christmas? Sure we can mostly all agree on New Years as long as we stick to the “Common Era” ending and leave the “Anno Domani”  designation alone but why all the division and emotional mine fields out there hidden in the holidays?

One little word is the reason, Christ. If you take that one little word out of the mix all the conflicts go away. You still have Santa and Rudolf, Frosty, Heat & Cold Miser as well as all the elves and warm happy endings you can shake a stick at.

Still what hope is there for those really “Home Alone”? Where is the comfort and joy of the folks whose phones seldom ring and have lost more friends and family than they remember? Their hope, comfort and joy is in that one little word and that is what we should be celebrating. Not out of malice, as so many politically correct and overtly angry atheists and others would believe but out of reverence, thankfulness and yes, joy.

Christmas and New Years can bring out the best and worst in people. Their selflessness as well as their prejudice, their happy memories as well as their losses and longings can mix with their hopes, disappointments and dreams to find them emotionally charged way past the usual load. Our dual natures and imperfections can rise out of us and serve only to point out what Christmas is really all about.

In my own memories from way back to rotary phones and rabbit eared TV’s I recall the best explanation that stopped a young heathen boy in his tracks one December long ago.

Hold on to the best of what Christmas is all about this year and do not let anyone take Christ out of your New Year either! Blessings, Merry Christmas and to all…a good night!


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