A Man after God’s Own Heart

Oh to be a man after God’s own heart. To be upright, gracious, grounded in truth, full of faith, lead by His Spirit, moved by compassionate love and steeped in wisdom. As Christian men we have a tall order to fill. Roles and expectations wait at every juncture. Secular media has its ideas and portrayals which vary from vanity based sales pitches to spoofs, degradations or aggrandizement depending on the audience they’re aiming to capture and sell soap to.

 Christian media and way too many tele-ministries and concerned but insecure ministers are only marginally better and sadly are book sales or control motivated as well. There is a two dimensional Christian Machismo waiting out there for the unwary but well intentioned man seeking to please his God. Just like all religious legalisms it exists to serve those who create and enforce its tenants.

So we must choose carefully those we follow in Christ’s name. Fortunately we are called to liberty and service to the cause of the Living God alone. Hope abounds where faith is full and love is the standard. Too much of this is based on being a leader, male exclusivity and blind faith in the “leadership”. Let get something straight right here.

The purpose of the Church of Jesus Christ is not to identify, refine or produce leaders or blind followers. Training and equipping the saints for the work of service, going out and making disciples of all nations are the “Five fold” ministry’s function and the “Body’s” commission and purpose. Who is the greatest of all in God’s kingdom boils down to who will be humble and serve?

When anyone from the TV lights, pompadour and pulpit persuasion stands up and declares the list of duties the real men of God must never perform because these are the work of Godly and “submitted women” only or the litany of titles and positions only men can rightfully fill. Block that channel, cancel that check and pray the Holy Spirit will convict this brother of his error and pride. Our gifts and gifting, temperaments and personalities were conceived and predestined for us by name before the foundations of the world were in place. No cookie cutter was used by God in this process.

Being a true man after God’s own heart simply requires following the example of Jesus Himself. Truth, love and a servant heart were the hallmarks of His perfect life and example of living. He sat no bounds on the depth of love He would show or on those He would show it to. He shrank from no situation that required that He share truth or who He would share it with. He withdrew from no act of service even unto death on the cross.

Samaritans, Romans, Greeks, Pharisees, the demon possessed, beggars, rich rulers, men and women, sinners one and all were loved , comforted, confronted and forgiven by this extraordinary man and His extraordinary death and resurrection. This is the example. The only question is: Are you man enough to follow it and Him or the self serving requirements of the Christian Macho movement and it’s repressive roles and bondage building advocates?

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  1. This post is wonderful! Liberating. Thank you!

    GriefWalk: Hope Through The Dark Places

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