Holiday Hype & Cheap Words

Thanks, has become a bit of a toss away term these days. Whether we are grabbing a coffee at the drive thru, setting up a follow-up appointment for a client or just picking up some dry cleaning, these all almost always end with a customary “Thanks” as we are promptly on our way. Little credence is placed in the sincerity of our words by the recipient.  Far less potential impact is made for real earnest thanks to lift someone’s spirit, especially our own. Indeed we can often make “Thanks” a near waste of the breath and effort used to form the word without a single thought about it. This is cheap thanks.

Thankfulness is really more of a point of view, a manner of being or an extension of our hearts condition. In short an attitude. We are made or wrecked by attitudes and the casualness or purposefulness we use to express them. When it comes to the quantity and quality of “Thanks” we have inside, I contend vital facets of our life, how we live it and the contentedness we find in it are defined. All this assessed easily by friends and strangers alike, in a word we hurl out as a daily pleasantry or rote transactional response.

We all have things to be thankful for and we all have things we think we simply deserve. These are the two opposite sides of a serious attitudinal coin. When our everyday lives get flipped around by circumstance which side comes up for each of us is not so much a question as a certainty. We made that choice by casual nonchalance or insightful purpose long before things got a bit whacky.

As we wind our way to that third Thursday in November, consider what lies beyond the hype of the holidays. Thanks is a blessed and highly spiritual state of being and Giving is so much better than receiving. If all you feel at this time of year is the pressure to visit family, prepare the proper menu and collecting the hottest gifts possible; ask yourself what this is about. Is it me and mine, them and theirs?  Or is it about what lies deep inside my own harried soul.

So as you pick up your next latte while the holiday music hums in the background just before you tell the clerk “Thanks”. Pause for a moment and weigh the statement. Is it the worth of the service, the value of the coffee purchased, the combined blessings of a lifetime or a simple rote set of manners that are prompting your words?

This may sound like a good way to back up a line at Mickey-D’s or a real overly introspective waste of time. In reality it may be a major adjustment  in how you define yourself, your circumstance and how much you get to impact both as well as those around you. That is a lot of potential bang from a single one syllable word that we can treat so cheaply! Indeed “Thanks” may be one of the most priceless words we ever utter to someone.


One Comment to “Holiday Hype & Cheap Words”

  1. At this point I could only guess it’s sub stantive note.

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