The Greater Groove

Some days just don’t fit the pattern. These days just seem out of sequence, I find the fab four and I settled in the middle of some days like this trying to remember what the goal of the day was. All I seem to come up with on these side track days is a blurred sense of repetition and rutted Dejavu.

It is sort of similar to listening to the radio in our mountainous part of the state. You’re blasting along grooving to a song or catching up on world events and around the turn and down the hollow wham, No signal. Fuzz and buzz, a word maybe here a note maybe there but nothing that makes sense or progresses the groove you just had going.

I believe I mentioned that I have a satellite radio. We also have a satellite navigation service. These have been the obvious and necessary solutions to my mountainous radio and unmarked roads problems. The signal comes down from so high that no mountain or valley can completely stop it. That signal is always there, but you have to have the receiver, have it turned on and pay your monthly fees.

Of course I’m not writing this to encourage you to buy more entertainment services or to add more technology to your life. God in your everyday life is the goal. He’s there. He is the supernatural solution to being able to understand, navigate and hear more clearly.

Some days we’re in a groove and changes in plans or unforeseen reality stops the music. We lose the beat and are left without harmony. Other days we are just trying to understand what’s happening. Curiosities, anxieties, spectacle or an unintentional wrong turn have captured our attention or left us wandering. Developing events have distracted us with creeping uncertainties; peace, direction and stillness seem long gone.

Some days at home when noses are running and someone has gotten into the colorfast markers the many layered and absorbent needs of the household can make the day seem dry and colorless compared to what might be going on just outside. Or it seems setbacks; adversities and isolation have overshadowed purpose, victory and relationships. This is the time to turn your receiver on.

I like nap time. I don’t take naps but most days this is where that out in orbit connection can make a chord out of the disjointed notes even if the day stays off track. Or the eye in the sky can tell us where to turn to get back home. I find the signal and recapture the groove. Peace and purpose come back into focus. I rejoin the afternoon renewed and reminded of the preciousness I’ve been granted as the crew comes back rested and ready for action.

Don’t let the day leave you stuck at a congested corner of your mind wondering which way to turn. Turn on your receiver. Give God some time don’t place Him in a “break in case of emergency box”. If don’t have your own receiver well, we need to talk about Jesus and where your heart and focus is. If you will give Him your trust, some priority time and some sincere thanks, He will reign down that signal on you in every season of your life everywhere you go with no commercial interruptions and no monthly fees.

Tune in and remember he has you right here right now for the right reason. The reason might be refinement, restoration or unfathomable but the groove has high walls, a great beat, built-in navigation assistance and the destination is truly heavenly.

By Mike Poff

Prayer and Ponderance

Find a quiet moment, just you no TV, Radio, wild running children, friends, spouses or co-workers. Read over these verses and take in a bit of God’s peace. Be still, be thankful and ask God to expand your hearts’ capacity for peace, patience, love and understanding. Even in the mess of this day know He will hear you and meet your need.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Mark 4:38-40

Psalms 46:10-11

Jot down anything you feel the Spirit of the Lord is saying to you today.

Jot down anything He has done for you today.

Know He Loves You!

Thank Him and prepare to rejoin the wild running children, friends, spouses or co-workers and share the love.


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