>Trip Tested Tips for Fun Family Travel

>Traveling with kids is a needlessly scary idea. For the average American family with kids, especially lots of kids the thought might even seem out of the question. The now nearly iconic chant of “Are we there yet?”www.youtube.com/watchstirs such a nervous sweat and chuckle in most parents that we have a series of movies built around that title.www.youtube.com/watch Nevertheless, breathe deeply, embrace hope and put down the panic button as I share The Quadfathers Trip Tested Tips for Fun Family Travel.

First, you need to have a purpose behind your choice of destination or destinations. Consider the ages and interests of your crew, including you and your mate. Two year olds will probably get little from a trip to Gettysburg National Park. Yet a tour of Hershey Park they might find most sweet. If you have, mixed ages say a fifth-grader that just finished studying the Civil War and some toddlers or even toddler triplets well, this little Pennsylvania get away might be just right for you.travelwithkids.about.com/b/2005/04/04/top-family-destination.htm

Taking off for the 33rd annual gathering at Grandma and Grandpa’s might be great for some folks. Yet, rote travel can be as sour as Grandma’s canned pickled cauliflower. Solicit ideas; look for central locations that afford day trips to meet different inclinations. Bundle your trip, think Multi do not be static and single-minded. Seeing the folks for a day or two and moving on has many advantages and appeals. Make sure your plan suits you and your family and not others expectations of you and your family.

Secondly, choose a season and book well in advance. Resort areas have busy seasons and not so busy seasons. If you are planning, your travel at high traffic times set up your dates as close to a year or more in advance if possible. If you want to save money, travel off-season but still book in advance. The trick is in matching your likes and time frame to their off times and amenities.

Last year we took a great trip by customized van to Maine in the summer. http://www.visitmaine.com/Now consider we start in Virginia and have seven kids and you will understand why our van is customized. We stayed at a top-flight resort near the New Hampshire boarder that you could not get close to when the ski-slopes are running. We enjoyed full amenities, a full staff and maybe a dozen families were there at this time of year.www.sundayriver.com/summer.html

We day tripped to Bar Harbor were we chased whales and ate lobsters.www.barharborinfo.com/ We went to a State Animal Refuge and saw elk, moose, mountain lions and several birds of prey not all of which grace our beloved Blue Ridge. No crowds anywhere and the folks were glad to see us there. Compare that to a two-hour line for the “Death Coaster” in 90-degree heat with wilting twins in tow and take note. Think out of the box and you will not be caught in one.
Check back soon fo more Trip Tested Tips for Fun Family Travel



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