>Love and Logistics

>Love and Logistics
Proverbs 19:21
“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

As the next few weeks came we began to get a picture of the potentialities that this multi-¬bundle of joy might bring to pass. No one at that time had held their quad-pregnancy past 34 and half weeks. Hospitalization could be expected to begin anywhere after 14 weeks and we were at week 10! Detailed lists of complications due to prematurity were laid before us. We began to quantify percentages and statistics against love and logistics, planning and prayer became the order of the day!
Still, it was a heady and exciting time. My wife and I are nearly opposite personalities. The reality is that this seemingly potential weakness is actually a tremendous strength when we are on the same page and relating correctly. We relate our best when we are God focused and not just dually dedicated to an outcome. In this four faceted instance we were convinced that God had made a multi-miracle and the timing was such as to save us from our own plans and noble intents and to bless and refine our family.
My wife “P”, is a gifted, goal oriented administrator, planning and proper execution to her are like sunlight and rain to petunias. Details and multi-tasking draw her in and give her focus. I am, well I am not that way. No not at all. I’m relational, gifted to gab, driven to serve, observe, explain, opine and encourage. The greatest blessings and anchor in my life has been “P” my other and better half. Overall we were in Faith that God had a plan here and we had been fashioned and fit amazingly well for it.
Most folk might have panicked if placed at the juncture we were straddling. For us we felt a sense of challenge and privilege as we plotted and prayed out a plan. Having had two children already we were not novices. The amount of time and effort that would be required was not a blind abstract. Yet the first hurdle was getting them all here with everyone’s’ health, especially “mom” intact.
We were looking at travel restrictions where our church was 35 minutes away and my wife traveled the East Coast extensively with her partner marketing and managing their company. Weekly sonograms and Doctors visits, stress tests, home treatment and monitoring of blood-pressure and contractions all became part of the average day and night at our home. We were as compliant as possible which means I was hard pressed to keep the throttle down on “P” and her instinct to out perform.
We began going to a church close by, marketing went telephonic and we both learned to practice supervised Perinatology at-home. All the balls stayed in the air sort of like juggling Jell-O. Even with everything on an even keel we knew that when they came home someone would have to be home fulltime. So with prayerful consideration of incomes and temperaments we concluded God’s wisdom and circumstance had elected me as the at-home father of quadruplets.

Prayer and Ponderance

Proverbs 21:5

James 5:11

Job 12:13

Proverbs 8:14-16

How well do you plan out your endeavors?

How often do you plan at all?

How much does planning allow us to keep in the game?

How often do you seek God’s input?

How much of His word goes into your plans?

How do we take scripture and make modern applications?

Regardless of some opinions the Bible is a relevant guide even to day. Listen for God’s
heart and approach to different matters and His priorities. Inject these into your
planning and you are going to find great success!


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