>Unexpected Expectancy

>Unexpected Expectancy
Luke 6:38
“…A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap…”

Quadruplets! What a large odd word that seemed to bode tremendous uncertainty. We had always enjoyed being parents, especially of infants. We worked well together and I made sure to do all I could to not leave “mommy” as the sole comforter and custodian. In our discussions about twins we had concluded that with our older daughters help we would manage fine but quadruplets were another league all together. I mean up to this point we had never even seen triplets let alone bring home quads!

Much happened in my prayer time that morning that will wait for another venue to be fully discussed. The gist was that we, and especially I, needed to change priorities. The desire to be affirmed had blended into the desire to help others. Compromise had crept too far into our motives for ministering; approval had eclipsed obedience, maintaining the program was preventing the meeting of genuine needs.

This was all taking place around 8am on a Saturday that was supposed to see around fifty parents and teens coming to our home at 3pm for a meal and the unveiling of our one year schedule for youth group curriculum and activities.

My wife and I began our discussion with her telling me she had been hurt but was forgiving me for last night’s in-action. I apologized profusely and insisted that the news though mind blowing was exciting for me. God had already begun to stir up a sense of expectancy in both of us. Who had ever heard of such a thing let alone been blessed to live it!

I explained that we had to lay down our plans. My time with God had convinced me of this; she agreed but cried all the same. We had been impacting these kids. The group had grown; anticipation was aroused in the entire congregation that we would make a change. Yet they had no idea of the adversity and constrictions that were on us. Kids whose parents did not come to our church could not be in the group. Our group could not be a part of out side activities held by any other Para-church or Christian out reach other than those inside our “Apostolic Covering”. All along we had known these were not really biblically sound practices and hoped to bring new freedom and fellowship into these kids “Christian Experience” but for all of our compromising and detailed planning an undeniable call had come that we had to answer.

Friends and family were amazed at our news. Most were tossed for a loop as we explained the little we knew about the demands of quad-pregnancy and at home care. All seemed to confirm our need to make this our primary priority. The remainder of the day was spent making disappointing call to disappointed parents who ranged from ecstatic and understanding to angry and annoyed at our news. With that sad chore done we were left trying to fathom the uncertain void of this oddly unexpected expectancy.

Prayer and Ponderance

Mark 4:8

Proverbs 16:9

Psalm 127:3-5

Proverbs 16:25

Is more of something always better?

What would your reaction be to news about Quads coming?

Does God have your permission to change your plans?

Does He need permission?

How do you view children, blessings, burdens or what?

Can we always be assured our plan is right?

How willing are you to lay down your dreams or plans for God’s?

God is always sifting and refining us, building us in our stewardship and trust of Him. Sometimes He will interject majorly our reaction will say much about our walks.


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