>Octomom on Reality TV: Gas on the Fire


The lady who insists her 14 kids do not need a father will be having a show to prove her point. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/us_world/Octomom-Gets-Reality-Show.html

Nadja Suleman the Octomom has a deal with the same group that brings us The Biggest Loser. Indeed it is the 14 kids that are to be the losers, joining the Gosselin septuplets and twins as the latest make-believe and exploit them while their cute crew on TV’s multi-family train wreck and circus sideshow revue.

Here is the only person more able to degrade family, fatherhood, multi-parenting and the culture more than Jon and Kate. At least Nadja is not writing a book with Zondervan or some other “Christian” cash-in group doing the real writing. Perhaps that will be coming later.

I for one am sick and tired of having faith, family, fatherhood and multi-parenting spat upon by money hungry and maladjusted attention seekers and hypocrites. Christians, dads, moms and all that hold family and the protection of children dear need to rise up against this junk.

If we do not more girls will think having a child without a dad in the mix is cool. More whack-jobs will seek IVF and other fertility seeking 9’s 10’s or more in one pregnancy. I mean $75K a show, free Disney trips, Hawaiian resorts gratis, big house, big car come on what’s stopping them!

Time to make an outcry, start a boycott, write the publishers, advertisers, networks and others who surf along on the profits generated by the lies, neglect and abuse these kids are suffering.

As time allows I will offer up contact info for those mentioned until then …

Be Bold, step up and speak out against this or sit back and get a chuckle or two at their expense. Be an advocate for kids and family or be part of the audience that drives it all along. You choose. I say thumbs down and TVs off!!!


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