>Where is your Love Ya’ll: Tolerating the Intolerant

>The standard accusatory and stinging cry flung in the face of Christians and other social traditionalists is that we must be tolerant, inclusive and accepting. A quick look at the recent eruptions around and vile attacks upon Carrie Prejean, Miss California 2009, and one must ask, “Where is your love Ya’ll”? (Ya’ll), being those demanding our kind consideration of beliefs other than our own.

Perez Hilton is not tolerant, inclusive nor accepting. Indeed, he is close-minded, vindictive and downright hateful. We must try to understand Perez. The poor soul seems a bit immature and glory-houndish. He would probably dry up and blow away without garnering extra attention one pouty tantrum at a time. We must endeavor to turn the other cheek and join Carrie Prejean in praying for him.

Add in the recent broadcast assault on corrupt pseudo-newsman Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC show by one Michael Musto, Gossip Columnist and mean-spirited hetro-phobe extraordinaire and again one must reach down deeply to turn that other cheek. However, as foul these folk’s failings, slanders and hypocritical cries are they are just a trap set by our true adversary to cause us to attack and not intercede.

The truth in love is what we are called to. We cannot allow these straw men to provoke us to anger and retribution. Still, we must also not retreat in fear from supporting our beliefs about life, love, marriage and God’s pivotal place in all these.

More of us need to stand up for marriage as a God centered covenant between one man and one woman. We need to do it openly and practice what we preach as well. In our efforts, we walk on the water of truth in love or sink into the brine of hateful retort. All the while expecting to be slapped up side our head by those that hate our ability to pull it off as long as we keep our eyes on Jesus.

Carrie Prejean deserves our support and encouragement as she steps out of the boat onto the raging seas of social debate. More of us need to speak up and out, in love. It may be the only place most of these deceived souls find real love in their life.

In our willingness to insist on their tolerance, inclusiveness and acceptance, we do not offer a slap back. We offer a mirror that shows clearly what the hate looks like. As long as we hold it steadily, boldly and lovingly perhaps they will see and loath the ugly image they portray. Perhaps not but the world needs to see just who the haters really are. We at the same time must go beyond tolerating the intolerant and attempt to love them as they are. This is a true challenge and our true calling. Lets begin!



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