>Mega Mama Drama: Octomom the Musical

>As a son of a single mother. A dad of higher order multiples (At Home Dad even). An advocate of fathers being, hands on, present and important. As well as a one-dad one-mom kind of guy, the Octomom debacle flies in the face of all I hold as good, right and sound for the raising of children, health of our culture and precedent for others.

If you do not believe me, go here: http://www.roanoke.com/editorials/commentary/wb/197974
In addition, here:

Now I have compassion for Nadja. She is in a pickle. Sadly, she wanted to be there and is bent on taking full selfish and exploitative advantage of her kids and position as the main Drama Mama of the Moment.

I do have some insight into what she is facing and I am fearful for her kids. Still as it is all out of my control, Nadja’s control and just generally out of control. Let the circus continue.

Octomom the musical is a parody.
I will have to miss the opening but I trust it will be a hoot and a hollar. Sad really but that is showbiz and The octomama eats this up with a spoon. The same spoon I am gagging on.


That’s better.


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