>Marriage for Christians: Look out behind you!

>Marriage is easier to get into than getting a drivers license. That is; marriage the institution and legal contract. This is what makes marriage vulnerable to all the efforts to redefine and broaden its definition. If all marriage means is a government recognized contract with certain government granted tax and legal consideration well, marriage does not mean much at all. Indeed the government gets to make, broaden or change the definition based on legislation, lobbying or judicial whim.

The God centered relationship between man and woman first mentioned in Genesis is a whole other thing. We, us “Christians” have let marriage become undermined in the public’s eye. We have not prioritized, nurtured or stewarded it as individuals or as a group. Indeed, we may see the day soon when we loose the institution or at least its definition, all together.

Sounds dire and dreaded you say? Here is the silver lining. From the eternal perspective how society defines something does not matter a hill of beans. We are called to personal accountability and stewardship of what is placed in our hands. The more we are drawn into some type of societal showdown and media war the less impact we have where it really counts.

To date, brethren we do not have the goods to win the argument. Christians are just as prone to divorce as anyone else is. Some sects and cults have better records than we do.

We will not be held accountable for the bad laws passed and sad societal trends of a corrupted culture. We will be rewarded for our faithfulness, our stewardship and our responsibility over what we were given and called to protect, love and nurture. In this, we are the salt and light that preserves and guides lost souls looking for answers.

If our fist is in the air railing at our precieved adversaries all the lost see is our fist in the air. In this, our eyes are misdirected as well. These are not our adversaries. As we rage on at the straw man with an agenda, our true adversary is sneaking in behind us. Stealing our passions, strength and purpose from our very own pockets.

So how do we fix this? Stay tuned I have a few ideas.


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